How to Make A Man Work for Your Love

Without Playing Games Or Changing Who You Are

Hey there, it’s Amy Waterman.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You meet a great guy and he seems too good to be true.

You want to open up and throw yourself at him but you play it cool.

You follow all of the “rules” of dating, you don’t move too fast and eventually things start to get serious.

He’s charming, sweet, and really goes the extra mile to win you over and earn a place in your life.

Everything checks out and you find yourself in a committed relationship.

Then BAM! One day it happens.

He stops pouring on the charm. He stops putting in the effort.

He knows he’s got you. He knows he doesn’t have to put in the work to keep you.

You start feeling like you’re being taken for granted.

Like you’re old news all of the sudden.

All those “dating rules” and silly games to keep him on the hook go down the drain.

And you’re left wondering what you did wrong.

So what’s the solution?

Do you keep playing games? Make him jealous and insecure to keep him on his toes?

Act like you don’t care and pretend to be aloof so he feels like he has to keep chasing you?

That might work for a little while, but honestly that’s not healthy!

And that’s not what real love looks like.

Afterall, what’s the point of being in a relationship if you have to constantly play games?

Why can’t you just be yourself?

In a perfect world, you should be able to open up to a man and show him the real you.

And he should love everything about you, quirks and all.

And he should see you as the amazing and unique woman that you are and realize that your love is worth a lifetime of effort.

But the real problem here is this:

Men live for the challenge.

He’ll fight tooth and nail to win you over.

But the moment he’s got you, the thrill is gone.

He can’t help it but he starts to look for another challenge.

Luckily, this new addition to the Irresistible Insider’s Library has a simple solution.

I call it “Make Him Work For It”.

And it’s the best way to keep your man attentive and romantic for years to come.

You’ll discover 10 ways you can trigger a man’s drive to do whatever it takes to keep you… from dating right on through marriage.

Without having to pretend to be someone you’re not.

Without having to play games and constantly worry about what he’s thinking.

You can simply be yourself and feel confident that he won’t lose the drive to keep working for your love.

In fact, when you read this mini-course and do what it says…

You’ll immediately find it much easier to be the kind of woman a man treasures and never wants to let go of.

And you won’t have to play games and constantly worry about your man losing interest the way most women do.

PLUS – you’ll start to naturally attract the kind of guy that will really cherish you for YOU…

… And avoid wasting your time on someone who doesn’t truly deserve your love.

Can you imagine how amazing your life will be when you can simply be yourself with that special man who will never stop making you feel special and desired?

When you can stop walking on eggshells and simply be yourself and be loved by an amazing man?

We ladies deserve to be treasured without all the guesswork and mind games.

We deserve to be able to relax and open up and a special man who truly gets us and will cherish us forever.

That’s why I want to offer you this mini-course today for the special one time payment of just $9.

Because by this time tomorrow, you will have a whole new outlook on relationships and dating.

Where you don’t have to feel powerless as a man loses interest in you.

Where you don’t have to play desperate games just to keep a man who doesn’t appreciate your love.

You deserve better. You deserve love and comfort.

And you are completely safe to try this out.

Just discover these game changing insights for yourself for 60 days.

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Does that sound good?

Are you excited to leave those days of frustration and heartache behind you?

Are you ready to be loved for just being you without having to worry if he’s going to get bored and move on?

Are you ready to have an amazing guy work for your love year after year?

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Wishing you the best,

Amy Waterman and James Bauer