How To Stop Money Fights
From Wrecking Your Relationship

If your relationship is suffering from constant fights, stress and anxiety about money…

If you’re tired of feeling trapped, powerless and frustrated with your man every time you look at your bank statement…

Then this mini-course is just for you.

Here’s why…

There’s a way that you and your man can face and overcome your financial disagreements without getting into heated and fruitless arguments… while growing closer together as a couple and creating a more loving connection.

And you need to realize, there’s a devastating cost to not dealing with these issues as soon as possible…

If you don’t do something about, it will only get worse.

Because it’s not just your relationship that’s at stake. Being financially tied to a man that doesn’t share your best interests can leave you broke and brokenhearted.

What most women do when money fights are wrecking our relationship is we try every approach in the book to communicate our concerns… we research solutions… we try to have reasonable discussions… we try to take matters into our own hands…

But for most women, none of that works. It always ends up turning into a blowout argument that poisons your relationship and leaves you both drained.

Here’s why:

The reason arguments about money can be so difficult is because both of you believe you’re debating a practical issue. It’s hard to see the emotional issues wrapped up in it.

And what happens if you just do nothing?

The fights get worse, the finances get worse, your happiness and wellbeing start to get eaten away by stress, anger and anxiety…

And in the very worse case scenario you could lose EVERYTHING.

How I Stopped Money Fights From Wrecking My Relationship

Here’s the story. I tried everything, like you. Arguing was a dead end, and the relationship was going down the drain.

Then one day, I realized there was a way to disarm all the nasty emotions that came along with money arguments BEFORE things turned into a big, ugly fight.

There was a way to set aside all the frustration and tackle the financial issues as a team… And as a result form a closer and more loving bond in the process!

There was a way to be free of all the stress and anxiety and bitterness… And heal the deep wounds in the relationship.

The one thing that was crucial: I found most solutions to money fights were all focused around the practical side, paying little attention to the underlying emotional issues.

So I worked really hard to develop a way to bring balance to both the emotional state of your relationship as well as your bank account!

It’s Called The Grounding Method

When you order How To Stop Money Fights From Wrecking Your Relationship Using The Grounding Method, you’ll have immediate access to the following:

  • The “How To Stop Money Fights From Wrecking Your Relationship” mini-course and discover how to regain balance and love in your relationship and while overcoming financial issues as a team!
  • The entire mini-course in both written and video format so you can watch or read it on your PC, MAC or tablet
  • All the insights and instructions in a studio quality audio file that can be played on any MP3 player so you can conveniently listen to it on the go.

It all comes as part of the “How To Stop Money Fights From Wrecking Your Relationship” mini-course. All for the easy one time payment of just $9.

And you are 100% safe to try this out. That’s all I’m suggesting. Just try the simple steps in this mini-course and use the Grounding Method for up to 60 days… and see if it works for you.

If it does… you’ll be delighted. And I think that’s exactly what’s going to happen. If for some reason you aren’t delighted with how much better you and your man are able to deal with financial issues, how much closer together the two of you have become, and how amazing you feel to be free of the fear and stress of money fights…

… Then just let me know – and you’ll get all your money back.

Your Purchase is backed by my 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

It’s Decision Time

You have a choice to make: Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all).

You know where that will lead. Trapped. Frustrated. Afraid for your future and your relationship.

Is that really where you want to be?

Take a new action, get a new result.

Free yourself and your relationship from the fear and stress of money fights, and get back to enjoying the important stuff: each other!

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To your fairytale ending,

Amy Waterman and James Bauer