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Dear Friend

I know it might not be true.

And for your sake I really hope it isn’t.

But something doesn’t feel exactly right, does it?

Have you been feeling butterflies in the pit of your stomach?

No matter what you do – whether you try to stay busy with work, spend time with friends, or occupy yourself online – that ‘question’ won’t go away.

And even if it does – even if you’re one of the few who somehow manages to push it from your mind – it always comes back again when you’re with him.

Maybe you’re feeling scared. Or hopeless. Or just plain angry there’s no commitment yet!

Well, imagine a very different kind of feeling. A good feeling. About yourself. Your relationship. Your future, FREE from the fear of losing him!

Imagine – with confidence and certainty – by taking a few steps… and answering four questions that lead you through a step-by-step strategy so precise it can quickly, easily, and without risk, eliminate all your fears about whether or not your partner is going to commit to you.

Well, you can now stop imagining.

Discovering how to get a partner to be committed is simple – with this breakthrough mini-course called, The 4 Questions That Get Commitment!

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First, let me explain how this first-of-its-kind mini-course provides the no-hype information and proven advice that can help you put an end to the fear, worry and struggle

Don’t You Deserve a Committed Relationship?

Think about this…

Everyone tells us that men have problems with commitment and women just have to put up with it.

But is that true?

Can you…

  • Discover if a man is going to stray or stay before you get serious?
  • Know how to get a man to commit by asking four simple questions?
  • Experience a lifetime of commitment without rushing to get married?
  • Change the way he thinks about commitment with a few strategies?
  • Transform a dying relationship into a strong connection that lasts?
  • Practice commitment in a way that is fun, exciting and easy?

What if there were a few easy steps you could take today to achieve all of the above.

Wouldn’t you wish to know?

Heck, wouldn’t you DEMAND to know… if it meant it would lead to a better and more committed relationship with your man?

Well now you can…

The 4 Questions That Get Commitment

For 60 days (or as long as you need) this insightful mini-course will take you through my unique approach for getting past the anxiety about the commitment issue. If you put in the effort to answer the 4 questions laid out inside this mini-course, it’s my goal that you will reach your golden anniversary happy and in love while forgetting that it was me who helped you get there.

Bottom line – if you take action today, it’s very possible to experience the long-term commitment that you expect to get from your man. This means you won’t have to live in fear of being taking advantage of financially, or having your heart broken, or becoming the girl who was cheated on.

Just imagine waking up to the man of your dreams day after day for years and years. If you put in the initial effort – I guarantee you will experience it.

Think about waking up every morning grateful and at peace in the knowledge that your guy is going to stay with you.

That’s why you’ll think The 4 Questions That Get Commitment is a Godsend!

Because no matter what your relationship status – from a long-term partner who seems they have cold feet about marriage to a new relationship – you’ll find out how to get the commitment you deserve without all the stress most women feel in the months leading up to it.

You see, many of the tactics revealed inside have been proven. They aren’t empty theories about what might be accurate or might work!

No this is practical advice you can use immediately to see real results!

With that said, I have to give you a fair warning: Once you take the steps shown in the video and special mini-course, don’t be surprised if you are a little bit angry with yourself. You might be angry when you realize how simple things can actually be.

If that doesn’t faze you, then…

Here’s just a sliver of what you are about to discover inside this eye-opening mini-course.

  • The 4 questions that lead to a solid commitment from any man
  • Demystifying the myth behind why men stray while women stay, and how to reach your golden anniversary together
  • How to automatically grow a deeper connection and commitment over a lifetime using this one simple technique
  • The latest proven strategies to a stronger, more resilient, loving relationship that doesn’t just rely on getting married
  • The #1 biggest mistake made by savvy women who want a man to love, respect and honor them
  • How anybody (even a complete newbie to relationships) can master the elusive art of commitment within a matter of days
  • How to never again suffer the humiliation of having a guy walk away from a relationship with you
  • The one and only secret you need to experience a successful relationship
  • Why getting hung up on marriage could cause you untold problems over the long-term and the surest way to make it when others tell you that you won’t
  • My 10 commitment “trump cards” for practicing commitment in your relationship right now
  • How to get VIP treatment from your man even through life’s mundane moments
  • 12 Surprising new questions every women should ask if they want to experience a lifetime with a man who loves them
  • And much more…

Imagine how this could help your relationship. What if you…

Never again spend days, weeks (or months) trying to figure out where things are going wrong.

Never again guess if he is going to leave you (since you will know with certainty that the future of the relationship is in your hands).

Never again make the mistake of entering a relationship only to discover he has “commitment issues.”

Here’s The Bottom Line…

You’re probably already aware that most people don’t fix their problems and relationship related issues until it’s nearly too late. Then it can cost you far more than this small investment.

So I urge you, don’t wait until it’s too late.

Don’t use trial and error to find out what works. Your relationship is worth investing in.

You could consult with me at $200 an hour to discuss the commitment question in your relationship. But I would forget to mention things, and you would be out hundreds of dollars.

But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount.

Your investment for receiving this life changing mini-course is only $9

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No games. No tricks. And no hard feelings. It’s that simple.

Now that’s a pretty bold guarantee, but I’m not worried. I only make guarantees when I’m confident in the results you’ll get.

It really is that effective!

Now with that out of the way…

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Listen; if you are thinking this is a magical solution that works overnight – let me spare you an enormous amount of grief, headaches and expenses – it’s not.

However, if you are the type of confident, proactive woman who is willing to put in a little bit of time and follow the proven strategies laid out in this mini-course, and are willing to allow someone who has “been there and done that” to actually show you the ropes -then this is an amazing opportunity you shouldn’t pass on.

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To lasting commitment!

James Bauer and Amy Waterman

About the Author

Amy Waterman is a featured dating and relationship expert on Be Irresistible. Her advice reaches over 35,000 women weekly, and she’s contributed to a dozen dating/relationship advice books and programs since 2005.

She’s also a gifted teacher with a scientific, research-based approach for attracting and keeping REAL love. Amy was recruited to the Be Irresistible team because James Bauer recognized her gift for teaching concepts that make a real difference in the lives of women around the world.

P.S. – Remember, this irresistible insight mini-course you are about to read works. It really does, and women who have read it know that’s true. But don’t decide today. Take it for a test run and then decide if this mini-course is right for you. If you’re not happy, no problems. Use your 60 day money-back guarantee promise.

P.P.S – Finally, please remember this offer is ONLY available for a short time. I am considering raising the price soon. So hurry! You get the complete mini-course in digital format so that you can download it instantly… All for a low investment of only $9.