Can Two Little Words
Bring Your Man Back
To You If He’s Pulled
Away & Distant?

Here’s how to know for sure if he’s consciously
avoiding you or just really busy… and how to
NOT drive him away.

From: James Bauer

Re: Can two words really make him stop being distant so I can halt my crazy thoughts?

Dear Friend,

When you don’t understand WHY he pulls away, you panic each time he does.

You fear the worst. You know your mind is thinking wild and crazy thoughts…

and the whole “not knowing why he’s avoiding you” thing is absolutely driving you insane!

You’re an emotional wreck! You’re so wound up about it you can’t sleep a wink… you’re even having horrible nightmares of him having hot and sweaty sex with another woman!

And what’s even worse is…

You’re afraid if you over react and call him to say you want to talk about it… he’ll think you’re clingy and desperate… and you’ll drive him away for good… and then nothing you can say or do will fix it!

  • It may be that he’s avoiding you because he’s secretly seeing another woman…
  • …or he may be distancing himself as a way to slowly exit the relationship.
  • …or worse, he may have already dumped you without telling you…and at this very moment is pursuing the new woman he’s found to fill his emotional and physical world!

Regardless of why he’s being distant… You’re constantly obsessing about what he’s doing and you don’t know what to do about it. So…should you call him and confront him or not?

What Do You Do – Call Or Just Chill?

His emotional withdrawal and distance is hurting you. And lately he has not been spending as much time with you as he used to.

So what does this mean about his feelings for you?

What message is he trying to send you? If he says he “justt needs some space,” what does that actually mean?

You’re moody and lonely for him (and need to get some pain relief for your aching heart) – all the while you keep wondering, “What did I do wrong – why is he doing this to me?

If you knew why, you wouldn’t be reading this.

But, it’s not like you have the power to reach out and make him reconnect with you…

…or do you?

It’s important to understand you are not alone in this. Men pull away from women all the time, even while claiming he’s still in love.

This makes you wonder if men have any good reasons for temporarily withdrawing from the person

they say they love.

You’ve had this fear for a long time. That he would pull away and you’d be at a loss of what to do.

You know deep inside you’re afraid that if you call him, you’ll lose it. He’ll get upset with you and get in an argument about why he’s avoiding you.

But you don’t have to just sit and wait. You can start figuring out why he’s distant…and why he has withdrawn from you and the relationship…

This Will Become Clear

When You Understand His Need For Space…

Men pull away for various reasons, but there is one overarching motive no matter what the situation.

He pulls away because he needs to.

Now if you’re not getting the loving support you need from your man, don’t allow yourself to feel bereft and unloved.

Spend time with you women friends. They understand what you’re going through. And they know what it’s like to be a woman loving a man who’s not always there as much as you would like him to be.

We women interpret his withdrawal as an indirect attack on our relationship … and on ourselves.

You definitely don’t want to waste your time with a man who is commitment shy and has no intention of ever committing to you.

When you understand a man’s need for space… He’ll feel you understand him in a way no other woman ever has. As a result, he’ll convince himself you are special – that you are “THE ONE”…

the one woman he’s searched for his entire life.

In “What to Do When He Withdraws,”

I’ll Show You Why Men Pull Away and Say They “Need Space.” And I’ll Give You Two Little Words That Can Bring Him Back To Stay

Many women have confided in me. They want to be their man’s “everything.” Believe me, I get it. And after listening to how woman after woman has told me how badly it HURTS when he makes it bluntly clear they’re not…

I knew I had to do something about this. I could not sit by and listen to another woman cry.

I spent many long and lonely nights sorting through hundreds of notes I’d written, correspondence with clients, and independently conducted research. I’ve heard from a lot of women about their relationships with “walk-away men”.

I spent a lot of time on this topic for a good reason. I wanted to understand exactly how some women were able to overcome their “crazy making thoughts’ and become clear on what to do to reconnect with their man and revitalize their relationship.

I noticed some patterns for the women who had success in these difficult situations. What they did worked…. without alienating their men!

I needed to know what they did differently that salvaged their relationships with distant men.

What I discovered floored me. I was so inspired I had to write a special mini-course to make sure those women who were struggling with reconnecting with a man would know exactly what to do and why.

Now just like with all of my Irresistible Insight mini-courses, my primary goal is to provide you with easy and simple to follow solutions. Once you truly understand a man’s “need for space” you’ll know exactly what to do about it.

This mini-course is going to help you.

By reading this short 18-page mini-course, you’ll finally feel a sense of certainty about what your man is thinking… why he feels the need for space, and why he may not even realize he’s distancing himself from you!

When you understand this at a deep level, you will find your relationship taking a huge leap forward in richness, depth, and quality of commitment.

You’ll also discover the real reason why men “need space” and how to avoid the most common pitfalls that can ruin an otherwise great relationship.

As you read the mini-course you will see the actual scientific reasons that will make it crystal clear why men act differently than women. Plus, you’ll no longer have to wonder about the right approach. You’ll know with certainty what to do.

You will finally understand why a man believes he has not “withdrawn” when he distances himself. Just knowing this one thing (and how it can save you from a break-up) is worth the cost of the entire mini-course.

This mini-course isn’t based on theory or unrealistic relationships. I want you to know my advice is pulled from hundreds of relationships where women successfully overcame a man’s distancing tactics.

Every page gives sound and actionable advice on how to understand those primitive needs your man has that he won’t talk about.

In What to Do When He Withdraws, you will learn:

  • How to know if a man is fooling around or is just busy
  • Two little words to bring him closer and how to use them to your advantage
  • The one fail-safe tactic to get him to respond to you that always works
  • How to deal with the pain of loneliness while making him miss you
  • A simple trick to figure out what he is thinking and doing when he’s not with you
  • What you should do when you want to call him and know you shouldn’t
  • The right way to reconnect with him when he’s been distant (and not end up in a fight)
  • And much more!

I’d like you to avoid feelings of abandonment, anger, and hurt. It’s time for you to…

Learn What Your Man Is Trying To Tell You

He Needs: Be “The One” Woman Who Understands Him Like No Other…

My career has given me special insight into men, relationships, and the women they love and never leave.

You can BE that woman. The woman your man can’t live without.

This special Irresistible Insights mini-course will lay it all out for you, what he is thinking and feeling

and why. Don’t let the fact that it’s only 18 pages fool you.

Many women have put this method to the test. They reconnected with their man in a way that showed him “they were a keeper.” Relationship intimacy problems suddenly solved themselves!

Their men also became more considerate and took better care of their partner.

With What to Do When He Withdraws, you’ll enjoy knowing:

  • Why a man “needs space” to be happy in the relationship and what he is really telling you
  • How to handle the feelings of rejection and loneliness caused by a man’s distance
  • What to do to keep your sanity and make him want to see you again
  • What needs to happen so he sees you as “THE ONE” he can’t live without and falls in love with you forever.

And the best part is, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to do… once you know the real reasons for his distance. And I promise you, it’s not what you think!

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Wishing you the very best,

Amy Waterman

About the Author

Amy Waterman is a featured dating and relationship expert on Be Irresistible. Her advice reaches over 35,000 women weekly, and she’s contributed to a dozen dating/relationship advice books and programs since 2005. She’s also a gifted teacher with a scientific, research-based approach for attracting and keeping REAL love.

P.S. Please be sure to write and tell me how reading What to Do When He Withdraws helped you to better understand your man and why he distances himself. I care about your happiness and want only the best for you.

P.P.S. I want you to try it out, read it and use it today. I know what is inside will make you feel better too. And I’m taking all the risk as I really want you to try this mini-course.

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