Can You Really Meet a Great Guy If You’re a Single Mom?

Learn how to use proven tips and strategies so you can find true love again even if you still have kids at home.

From: James Bauer

Re: Will men find me attractive if they find out I have kids?

Dear Friend,

Being a single mom has its challenges.

Taking care of your kids is a priority but you might often find yourself thinking about dating again.

But when you do find your thoughts heading in that direction, all of your concerns make you doubt if it’s really possible. You may even ask yourself… Am I ready to start dating again?… What will my kids think?… How do I make time for dating and still have time for my kids?… Will men still want to date me if they discover I’m a single mom?

Does this sound familiar?

If it does, you aren’t alone.

You can find love again. Just because you’re a single mom doesn’t mean that you can’t find someone to share your life with and take care of your kids at the same time. Not only that, but it’s okay to want something for yourself. Many single moms make the mistake of setting aside their needs to take care of their kids while deep down their desires are ignored.

So how do you get past all of your doubts and start dating again?

By learning how to move past any concerns you have and start searching for someone to spend your time with, you can…

Successfully Meet Men Who Are Seeking Relationships With a Single Mom

Let’s face it. When you started on your path as a parent, chances are you didn’t expect to end up going it alone. But these days, many people identify as a single parent and there’s no reason why you can’t do something for yourself and meet someone special.

At this point, you can decide on one of two paths…

You can continue to focus solely on your kids and leave behind your desire to find someone who will be great for you and your children.

Or, you can have fun and find a loving and lasting relationship with someone who can eventually become a parenting partner with you.

Which sounds better to you?

You’ll actually find that you can be a better mom when you’re happy in your own life and when you can find someone special to spend time with instead of ignoring your own needs and desires.

With “Dating with kids”, You Can Learn…

How to Meet Someone New and Find a Connection with Someone Interested in a Single Mom Regardless of What You’re Looking For

Many women worry about getting back into the dating world after they’ve had kids. The dating world is hard enough to navigate without having to worry about men not being interested in you simply because you’re a mom. After I realized how big of an issue this was for the many single moms out there who wanted to start dating again…

I knew it was time for me to step in and offer my help.

I took it upon myself to dig through pages of interviews, magazine articles, books and blog posts on this popular subject. It was this very research that gave me the information I needed to create this special video for you.

But I wanted to make sure that I covered all of the important points and concerns you may have before I started recording so I poured through tons of scientific research along with many interviews with women who were concerned about this very issue.

Just as you will find with all of the other Irresistible Insights videos and mini-courses I’ve created, it is my personal mission to give you the easiest and most direct path to any troubles you may be faced with that are preventing you from finding someone special to share your life with.

This video is the perfect solution for you.

While you are enjoying this video, you will learn how easy it is to start dating again while making sure that you can still meet your kid’s needs at the same time.

But you’ll also discover that…

You can use proven methods and strategies to meet men who are interested in dating a single mom, how and when to talk with your children about it, and how to balance your time between being a single parent while getting out there and meeting new people.

When you watch Dating with kids, you’ll discover how to navigate this new aspect of your life and meet a special man who is interested in spending time with someone who is a single mom.

Some of the Tips You’ll Learn Include…

  • Why it’s okay to focus on your needs and do something for you
  • How you can approach dating as a positive learning experience for your kids
  • Why men may find you more attractive than women who don’t have children
  • How to find time to date while juggling your busy life as a mom

I’ve worked with many women throughout my career and helped them create strong, long-lasting relationships. Because of the extensive work I do, I’ve reached the understanding that…

Nothing Can Replace Years of Experience

I’ve worked with many women over the last several years who weren’t sure of how to approach men and start building healthy and loving relationships. They came to me looking for help and I was able to show them how to find the results they were seeking.

In addition to my firsthand experience as a dating coach, I’ve also conducted a lot of research on what men are looking for in the women they date and combined my findings with my own personal knowledge to create this Irresistible Insights video for you.

Even though the video is only one hour – it’s still packed with tons of information!

And based on many years of working in this field of study along with my experience with helping women just like you, I know the methods and strategies you’ll find inside will work for you too.

Learn It’s Okay to Start Dating and Find Someone Special

You can still be a great mom and be there for your children while you’re seeking someone special to spend time with.

It’s been my goal in life to help women move past any issues or concerns they may have that are preventing them from seeking a relationship with a man. By learning how to successfully date as a single mom, you can find a man that’s interesting in meeting you as well as share his life with someone who has children.

So if you’re not sure how to start dating again, you’re not sure how to talk to your kids about your dating life, or you’re worried that men might not be interested in dating a single mom, this video is the perfect resource for you.

Imagine What Could Happen If…

  • You learned exactly what kind of relationship you’re looking for and how to approach dating with you and your kid’s needs in mind
  • You discovered that you actually have a better chance of meeting someone because you have children
  • You could have an open and honest discussion with your children and help them understand that dating can be a positive experience for your family
  • You could learn how to specifically attract men who are interested in dating a woman with children
  • You could pace yourself and avoid making the same relationship mistakes from the past

You can learn all of this and much more from my Dating with kids video. Given all that you’ll uncover by watching it, you’re probably wondering how much it’s going to cost.

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It’s very important to me that my career as well as my life is devoted to making sure that women find the courage to be an active part of the dating community so they can build happy and healthy relationships for themselves and for their family. It’s very important to me that you discover how easy it is for you to do this so you can live the life of your dreams.

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Does that sound fair to you?

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James Bauer

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