Are You Frustrated That The Man
You Love Is Too Busy To Spend
Time With You?

Keep reading to find out how you can easily get your man to spend more time with you without driving him away completely!

From: James Bauer

Re: How do I get my man to make time for me?

Dear Friend,

Many women today face a serious problem in their relationships.

They’re in a relationship with a great guy and each enjoys the other’s company. Unfortunately, that time together is also split between work, kids, friends, and a host of other commitments and responsibilities.

Does this sound familiar?

Chances are it does and those other commitments are probably straining your relationship to the point of frustration.

You’re not the only one who feels this way.

With today’s fast-paced world, many women find themselves trying to get quality time with their guy only to be disappointed. But no matter how busy he is, isn’t it time for you to uncover the best strategies to get him to make time for you?

The good news, is it’s simple when you…

Discover The Vital Strategies And Principles That Will Make Your Guy Want To Spend More Time With You Without Pressuring Him

Let’s face it. No guy wants to be nagged at because he’s not spending enough time with you. But by applying the right strategies, you can learn how to make him want to spend more time with you without making him feel pressured. That’s why I wrote a condensed mini-course, He Loves Me, But He’s Too Busy, which explains how you can start spending more time with your guy and make it something that you both look forward to.

In my many years as a relationship coach and dating expert, I have heard from many women who express their frustrations about being in a relationship with a guy who’s too busy. They want to address the problem but they also don’t want to come off as clingy or needy.

I decided to put together this condensed mini-course after researching tons of books, blog posts, and magazine articles on this very subject.

I also sorted through hundreds of notes that I gathered from spending HOURS speaking to women who actually have gone through this very experience.

Just like with all of my Irresistible Insight mini-courses, my goal is to provide you with easy and simple to follow solutions to solving the exact problem within your relationship that is causing you so much turmoil.

This mini-course is no different.

This mini-course will provide you with simple and fast-acting solutions that will get you spending time with your guy as quickly as possible.

With He Loves Me, But He’s Too Busy, you can:

  • Uncover the answers to many common questions from women who are experiencing the same frustrations you are in their relationships
  • Learn how to influence his choices so that you can start spending more and more time with him
  • Develop a better way to communicate so you can get your guy to realize how important it is for you to spend time with him
  • Analyze the three specific situations where you can decipher whether or not your relationship is worth pursuing

Although this mini-course is only 16 pages, it has several key points on how to help you…

Focus on the Good in Your Relationship and Enjoy the Time You Do Spend Together

When you start to focus on the good things in your relationship, you can:

  • Appreciate your man instead of focusing on his schedule
  • Learn how to talk to him so you can work together to make time for each other
  • Get him to do more things as a couple without making him feel guilty or pressured
  • Discover creative ways to spend time together no matter how busy he is

At this point, you’re probably wondering just how much a mini-course that contains this much information will cost.

I Want To Make You A Limited Time Offer of $9

Why it’s just $9

I’m only charging $9 for this Irresistible Insight mini-course, for 3

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  • If you’ve followed my work at all, you know I believe that making a
    commitment to something (even a $9 one) helps you to take it
    seriously and actually follow through on reading and using it.
  • I believe in providing incredible value because I know that’s the
    best way for you to be excited about this information,
    enthusiastically use it, and tell your friends going through the
    same thing about it. The goal here is to help you make a decision
    that will lead to your happiness, and this is the guide that can do

If you’re thinking, “$9 is so cheap! What’s the catch?” … there’s

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